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Air Purifier

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Air purifier Tion Clever is professional purifier adopted for home and office use. The technology was designed for medical use and than adopted for domestic use. The purifier recommended for allergies, asthma sufferers people. Tion Clever provides high class of filtration – H11 (which is medical standard).

Air Purifier Technology

1. PRE-FILTER Stops large particles such as dust, woolen particles, etc., with G4 class of filtering efficiency, thus extending the service life of downstream components

2. ELECTROSTATIC UNIT Charges particles and microorganisms. As a result, those are reliably attracted to the fibers of the HEPA filter. Ozone, produced by electrostatic unit, provides inactivation of captured viruses, bacteria and allergens. Ozone is generating in quantities that are safe for humans.

3. HIGH-CAPACITY HEPA FILTER In combination with the electrostatic unit, ensures trapping of particles, aerosols and microorganisms, with a H11–Н14 class of filtering efficiency.

4. CATALYTIC ADSORPTION UNIT A special mixture of sorbents and catalysts of catalytic adsorption unit ensures deep air purification by removing gases, harmful substances and odors, also it decomposes ozone, which is produced by electrostatic unit. Due to its high durability, it doesn’t need replacing throughout its service life.

5. FAN It serves to force air recirculation in the room. Two speeds.

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Product Description

PlacingWall mounted / Mobile
Performance100 / 150 m3/hour
FiltersG4 (from coarse and medium dust, fluff)
4 Filters HEPA H11 (from fine dust, viruses, bacteria, spores mold)
4 Filters Adsorption-catalytic filter (from harmful gases and odors)
DisinfectionDetention of viruses, bacteria, pollen and others allergens
InactivationDestruction of virus, bacteria, mold / deprivation of the ability to reproduce
OperationRemote control
Service IndicatorYes
Sound Level36/40 Db
Power Input25/35 W
Dimensions L x D x H585 x 195 x 625 mm
Weight12 kg
Warranty1 Year



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