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Wall mounted split ac

O General wall-mounted split systems

Constant heat is extremely exhausting. The lack of fresh air has a negative impact on both health and working performance. It is time to take care of your healthy breathing and buy O General split AC online.

Choose an ideal AC

Among the range of split systems, a wall mounted AC is a perfect solution for offices, apartments, and villas.

Three reasons to choose O General split AC:

  1. Optimized airflow.

The airflow is up to 25% more powerful. An air conditioner Installed on the wall is capable of reaching any corner of the room.

  1. Upgraded equipment.

All the elements, vital for air conditioners operation, has been renewed.

Dual suction, new long cross-flow fan and output 36% higher than usual.

  1. Cost efficiency.

Innovative energy-saving mode results in the adequate O General split AC price in UAE.

Benefits and options

Taking into consideration the needs of the local customers, O General manufactures split systems that are made especially for the UAE high ambient. No more breakdowns or constant repairing!

OG split AC is made in a way so you can feel comfortable, relaxed and trouble-free.

The wall-mounted AC consists of an indoor and an outdoor unit. The latter is crucial as it hides the largest part of the split system out of sight.

The new series of indoor units is by far the most luxurious you’ve ever seen. Golden ornament prominently adds style to your interior underlining your personal or corporate brand.

There are four split options available on the market. O General split AC cost varies depending on air-conditioner’s cooling capacity from 18000 Btu/h to 36000 Btu/h.

The latest technologies implemented in the con, do not affect its moderate indoor dimensions 1150 × 340 × 280 mm, same for all the models.

OG up-to-dated tropical splits are as smart as they should be. The air conditioner automatically adjusts to the room microclimate and switches between dry and cooling modes.

Make a purchase

Whether you need a residential or a commercial solution, O General split systems meet your requirements. Good Air LLC is a UAE vendor of the O General products.

Being an official O General supplier, Good Air offers a lot of attractive services such as:

  • free delivery in Dubai, Sharjah or Ajman;
  • expert installation;
  • professional maintenance during your warranty period.

If the process of installation is the only thing that stops you from buying the air con, turn to Good Air.

The wall-mounted split AC range has some nuisances to bear in mind, such as the height differences and pipe length. Consult Good Air managers to discuss any technical details.

It is time to take actions and forget about stuffy rooms! Call Good Air and get your perfect AC right now.

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