Cassette split system O General is ideal solution for any office, shop or restaurant where important to save the place and do not mix interior by appliances. The cassette type installing in one level with a ceiling and the front panel showing only. The nice point that cassette air conditioner has air distribution flippers from all four sides and it provides proper cooling around the room.

O General cassette ac has auto airflow direction and auto swing (means ac operating direction automatically for or 4 or 3 or 2 ways of air distribution) 


  • AUGA18FRTA-U/AOGA18FBTBHU (18000 BTU - 1.5 TON)
  • AUGA25FRTA-U/AOGA25FBTBHU (25000 BTU - 2.0 TON)
  • AUGA30FRTA-U/AOGA30FBTCSU (30000 BTU - 2.5 TON)
  • AUGA36FRTA-U/AOGA36FRTCSU (36000 BTU - 3.0 TON)
  • AUGA45FRTA-U/AOGA45FRTCSU (45000 BTU - 3.75 Ton)
  • AUGA54FRTA-U/AOGA54FRTCSU (54000 BTU - 4.5 Ton)



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Air conditioning is an ongoing concern for any crowded place in UAE. Living in a hot climate all year round is rather hard. People anticipate a breath of cool air when entering a building If you maintain an office, a restaurant or any other public place, cassette AC is what you can’t do without.

How to choose the right cassette type air conditioner?

It is essential to install the right model if you want it to work efficiently. Good Air is not a company willing to sell more. We focus on satisfying your demands. That’s why we provide a pre-purchasing consultation. To choose the right device, tell our managers, online or by phone, the following facts:

  • the size of your room;
  • number and size of the windows;
  • the features of the environment.

After that we recommend several models, so you can check the information about our wide range of products and ask for cassette air conditioner price.

Why is O General cassette air conditioner a perfect solution

Undoubtedly, this type of air conditioners is the most convenient to install indoor. They have some advantages that set O General AC apart from other brands:

  • auto airflow direction;
  • auto swing;
  • 4-side air distribution flippers;
  • ceiling installation;
  • compact shape (only front panel is visible);
  • handy or wired type remote controller (with weekly timer available);
  • reasonable cassette AC cost;
  • special design for Middle East countries.

Such features allow you to cool the room evenly and avoid health problems related with chilly air. We also recommend ordering maintenance at least 2 times a year, including diagnostic, air-filters cleaning, refrigerant refuel.

Why do people trust Good Air?

Our company is a licensed supplier of up-to-date O General cassette air conditioner. We know everything about such split systems and work with official models only. The Good Air team is ready to take care of your family, employees' and customers' health and breathing.

Good air offers to buy different O general models with:

  • 12-month warranty for the unit and 5 years – for the compressor;
  • free delivery within the Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah;
  • professional installation and maintenance of the equipment.

Don’t hesitate to learn more about the company or ask for O General cassette AC price! Call us or send the inquiry online and get the answers in 30 minutes!