MIDEA PACKAGE AC 36000 - 360000 BTU

Package air conditioner or how people sometime call it - central air conditioner is industrial type of HVAC systems. The package ac installing outside the building and connecting into the ducts system.

package ac


Midea package units with special anti-corrosion treatment are suitable for seaside areas or the areas exposed to acidic substances.

Midea package ac anty rust


  • Famous brand compressor: Copeland, Hitachi, Danfoss, etc.
  • No complex internal suction and discharge valves for quieter operation and higher reliability
  • Compact, light-weight design, and fewer moving parts design
scroll compressor


  • Multi-measurement to ensure units operate normally and reliably: system current protection, high/low pressure switch protection, Temperature sensor on/of protection, etc.
  • Three-phase protector can be customized.


  • Removable access door on the electric box. It is easy to move the cover of the electric box
  • Only connect the wires of power supply, and no need to connect any signal wires.
  • Reserved external drainage port, quickly and accurately connect the rubber drainage pipe.


  • MRCT-48CWN1-R (4.0 Ton - 48000 BTU)
  • MRCT-60CWN1-R (5.0 Ton - 60000 BTU)
  • MRCT-062CWN1-R (6.25 Ton - 75000 BTU)
  • MRCT-075CWN1-R (7.5 Ton - 90000 BTU)
  • MRCT-085CWN1-R (8.5 Ton - 102000 BTU)
  • MRCT-100CWN1-R (10.0 Ton - 120000 BTU)
  • MRCT-125CWN1-R (12.5 Ton - 150000 BTU)
  • MRCT-150CWN1-R (15.0 Ton - 180000 BTU)
  • MRCT-175CWN1-R (17.5 Ton - 210000 BTU)
  • MRCT-200CWN1-R (20.0 Ton - 240000 BTU)
  • MRCT-250CWN1-R (25.0 Ton - 300000 BTU)
  • MRCT-300CWN1-R (30.0 Ton - 360000 BTU)



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HVAC systems installation is an ongoing concern for most businesses. This industrial type of the packaged air conditioning system is worth paying attention to. How to install this visibly large unit? How to service the Midea package unit? All these questions worry the customers and prevent some of them from getting decision to buy.

Midea – specializing on the package air conditioner unit

Midea is the leader in producing innovative solutions for air conditioning systems. What can be more reliable than a company, that cooperates and not competes with other global leaders for the high-quality product?

What does roof top package air conditioner mean?

Package air conditioner, or in other words central air conditioner, is a device that consists of an outside unit installed on the outdoor side of the building, and an inside duct system connection.

Midea offers a rooftop con, based either on the roof or on the ground. Midea provides the perfect all-in-one solutions for the large malls, spacious business centers, and other buildings.

Midea – no AC’s parts will be ruined from external and internal factors

The thought about dismantling the whole unit in case of a fallout makes you shudder? Relax! The company has done its best to protect the outer and inner sides from both the weather conditions and any possible deterioration process.

You don’t need to fear that the heat or an increased acidity will damage your device because Midea took care of it. Check it yourself:

  • Anti-corrosion treatment;

That includes anti-rust details and the waterproof paint covering.

  • Labelled compressor;

The company implements the Hitachi, Danfoss or other outstanding compressors, which are light-weight and quiet.

  • Easy to install and maintain;

Thanks to the removable door, it is enough to set the door aside and look at the problem. No need to reinstall the equipment every time.

  • Versatile cooling capacity from 48000 BTU to 360000 BTU;

If needed, we will help you to choose the right solution for your building.

  • A possibility to choose the optional parts.

It is up to you to decide what to have in your AC unit: a wired or centralized control, network interface EHK, etc. But we always recommend the parts that make your air conditioning system more efficient.

Make your life simple and your business performance productive. Don’t lose your chance! Good Air is an official vendor to take the Midea products for sale. We offer installation and maintenance and free delivery in Dubai, Sharjah or Ajman.

Call us or write to our virtual consultant – we’ll get back to you with the offer within 30 minutes.