MIDEA DUCTED AC 18000 - 76000 BTU

Midea ducted split air conditioners available with side discharge and top discharge design. Ducted AC units are often the most practical choice for cooling or heating larger areas that are beyond the reach or capacity of wall mounted units which can struggle to provide an even air distribution across large spaces. Midea ducted air conditioners are ideal for homes, open-plan offices, shops, schools, restaurants, villas and any other large spaces. The advantage of Midea ducted ac is easy and flexible installation.


Air inlet from back standard from bottom optional. The size of the plate from bottom and flange from back is the same, it is easy for installer to change the air intake from back to bottom.



The drain pump can lift the condensing water up to 750 mm



Fresh air hole as standard, it's easy to connect with air from outside and brings fresh and comfortable feeling.

fresh air-mtit

MIDEA DUCTED SPLIT (side discharge)

  • MTIT-18CWN1/MOTCA30U-18CN1 (1.5 Ton)
  • MTIT-24CWN1/MOTDA30U-24CN1 (2.0 Ton)
  • MTIT-30CWN1/MOTDA30U-30CN1 (2.5 Ton)
  • MTIT4-36CWN1/MOT4DU-36CN1 (3.0 Ton)
  • MTIT4-36CWN1/MOT4DU-36CN1-R (3.0 Ton)
  • MHGT4-42CWN1/MOT4DU-42CN1 (3.5 Ton)
  • MHGT4-48CWN1/MOT4DU-48CN1 (4.0 Ton)
  • MHGT4-55CWN1/MOT4DU-55CN1 (4.5 Ton)

MIDEA DUCTED SPLIT (top discharge)

  • MTA-18WN1/MOVTB-18CN1-13C (1.5 Ton - 18000 BTU)
  • MTA-24WN1/MOVTB-24CN1-13C (2.0 Ton - 24000 BTU)
  • MTA-36WN1/MOVTB-36CN1-13C (3.0 Ton - 36000 BTU)
  • MTA-48WN1/MOVTB-48CN1-R13C (4.0 Ton - 48000 BTU)
  • MTA-60WN1/MOVTB-60CN1-R13C (5.0 Ton - 60000 BTU)
  • MTA-76CRN1/MOV-76CN1-C (6.2 Ton - 76000 BTU)



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Among all the Midea air conditioning products, a ducted split unit AC is the most convenient commercial air conditioner, if talking about large areas.

If you have a spacious apartment, a villa, an open-space office, a mall or any other indoor public place to cool down, a ducted split is what you have been looking for! Do you want to avoid the problem of reinstalling the central air conditioner in case any changes are required? The Midea AC’s priority is to make your life easy and comfortable. Now, switching the air intake from the back one to bottom is fast and simple.

Midea ducted split exclusive features

The range of available air conditioners impresses. The Midea Air Conditioners company always keeps pace with the latest technology. If you prefer using modern appliances only, Midea has a lot to offer.

The ducted split systems are implemented with the following functions:

  • anti-cold function;
  • auto defrosting;
  • auto restart;
  • independent humidification;
  • sleep mode;
  • optional built-in drain pump;
  • fresh air hole.

The fresh air hole is designed to be easily adjusted.

Did you happen to lose the remote controller? Midea prevents you from bothering about the situation. Once set on the wall, the wired controller is easy to access.

Choose the most suitable model

The Midea split ACs are produced with side discharge or top discharge. In comparison with other split systems, for example, the wall-mounted ones, larger rooms need proper ventilation and enough airflow power. Depending on the cooling capacity, the side discharge maximum is 55000 BTU, when the top one is more powerful and can reach 76000 BTU. There are no models below 18000 BTU.

Good Air offer only official UAE models of the Midea devices. While working with Good Air, you get:

  • purchasing advice;
  • professional service and support;
  • free delivery in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman;
  • valid manufacturer’s warranty.

Good Air LLC is always at your service. You won’t regret choosing our company to help you with purchasing a ducted split system.

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