Air conditioning has never been so efficient before as it is with Midea. The Midea cassette series is the best choice for maintaining different temperatures in different rooms. A server room or a kitchen needs proper cooling. On the other hand, such a temperature is not always suitable for a long staying and comfortable work performance. The Midea Premier Series of the cassette air conditioners are here to solve far more problems.

Available for both Compact and Super Slim round flow Midea cassette AC.

Cool down the far corners of the room

All the Midea air conditioners are equipped with the latest technology of the 360° Airflow. It enables the air to be distributed evenly across the whole space. The comfortable room microclimate is essential, as it allows concentrating fully on your working duties and performing productively.

Choose the best one for you

Midea Air Conditioners offers the cassette type air conditioners of two kinds:

  1. Compact Round Flow Cassette AC
  • available in 12000 BTU to 18000 BTU models;
  • saves your money due to its energy-saving capacity;
  • provides the low ambient cooling;
  • applied with built-in drain pump to control the condensed water;
  • easy to maintain.
  1. Super Slim Round Flow Cassette AC
  • ranges from 18000 BTU – 60000 BTU;
  • has a super slim shape;
  • equipped with the lifting panel for easy cleaning;
  • requires no ladder to clean and maintain.

Trust the reliable companies only

Midea AC is an appreciated manufacturer all over the world. It produces air conditioning systems for at least 50 years. Adapted to the climate of the UAE, all the appliances are guaranteed to perform perfectly in both high ambient and the extreme weather conditions, i.e. sandstorms. Otherwise, you can always use a 24-month AC warranty or a 5-year support for the installed tropical compressor.

Good Air LLC supplies the products in the UAE with a free delivery service in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman.

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