O General Window air conditioner


Window air conditioner O General fully adopted to work in UAE climate - Improvement points for running the compressor up to 60 °C. The air conditioner equipped with hyper tropical compressor.

High Reliability: the unit adopting super protection against dust and corrosion. The heat exchanger as wide pitch corrugated fin. Aluminum bracket motor. Louver design of rear cabinet.


AXGS18APTH (18000 BTU - 1.5 Ton), refrigerant R22      place order online

AXGS24APTH (24000 BTU - 2.0 Ton), refrigerant R22     place order online

Warranty terms for all O General air conditioners: 5 Years for compressor and 1 year for entire unit

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The model with refrigerant R410A (environmental friendly)

  • AXGS18FHTA (18000 BTU - 1.5 Ton), refrigerant R410A

Your air conditioner constantly breaks down due to extreme heat? Irritating dust flakes are everywhere in the air? Throw your device away and buy O General window AC!

A new model has come to the market in UAE. The desert climate is not an obstacle anymore. The latest model compressor is able to operate up to 60°.

Made in Thailand, O General has been working in AC’s industry for more than 50 years. Healthy breathing has always been the major priority of the company.

OG window AC, modelled 18000 - 24000 BTU - the best option to install at your place

Good Air  offers official models of the following O General window AC models: AXGS18APTH- AXGS24APTH. They differ by current, input power and the weight, the dimensions still remain the same.

If we are talking about window AC price in Dubai, window air conditioning systems are the cheapest ones. The installation process requires to plug the equipment in and connect to the water drain pipe. As easy as falling off a log.

A proper wall aperture is the only thing you should take into consideration. Good Air will take care of all the concomitant service issues.  In order to get the manufacturer’s warranty, a customer should meet all the standard requirements, such as professional implementation and original units only. The compressor is covered with a 5-year warranty.

Other competitive advantages

These air conditioners are fully adapted to the region. Along with more powerful cooling capacity, it has various advanced benefits:

  • environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A (actual for 18000 model);
  • implemented dust and corrosion protection;
  • gas leak and low voltage protection;
  • large heat exchanger and propeller fan;
  • louver designed rear cabinet;
  • aluminum bracket motor;
  • efficient energy consumption.

All the technologies and units have been improved in order to provide people with cool air in hard weather conditions typical for the UAE.

O General window air conditioners of the tropical spec are a unique and reasonable solution. Not quite by chance, they are also claimed to be of a 3Super type: Super power, Super quiet, Super wave.

It’s time to make an order!

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