Tired of switching on and off your air conditioner? Employees suffer from cold and an aching neck, because of the chilly air going right down on them? Ceiling air conditioner is what you need. O General ceiling suspended AC is outfitted with double swing action of flaps, that enables the air spread both vertically and horizontally.

Such air conditioning is ideal for offices and showrooms.

What are the benefits of the ceiling-mounted air conditioner?

First of all, Good Air supplies official O General products. The manufacturer has been at the AC market since 1960 and has proved itself to be a reliable company with good quality products.

The range of ceiling air con distributed by Good Air is wide and varies from 18000 BTU to 54000 BTU depending on the capacity.

O General cares about convenience and efficiency, that is based on half a century expertise. O General ceiling AC is easy to adjust to any design and layout.

Modern ceiling split AC specifications include the following improvements:

  • flexible installation (open, concealed or mounted in the wall);
  • 5-steps selectable multi auto swing;
  • adjustment to room temperature;
  • memory restart (in case of power failure, AC unit will operate with the chosen settings);
  • sleep and program timers;
  • fresh air intake.

These ceiling split systems are equipped with the refrigerant R22.

Good Air: we help finding the best air conditioning solution

Like all the other O General official products, ceiling AC is granted with a year warranty for the whole unit and 5 years for the compressor. In order to get the warranty valid, all the manufacture units should be installed correctly.

Ceiling suspended air conditioner installation process is similar to the installation of any split system. It is important to consider pipe length, proper space and height difference.

Good Air realizes maintenance 2-3 times a year, including:

  • units’ diagnostic;
  • refrigerant refuel;
  • checkup of filters, fuses, and pipes.

Minor faults can be eliminated as well, in case no need for repair.

Why do customers choose Good Air?

Working with Good Air, you get:

  1. help with the product choice;
  2. phone and online shopping support;
  3. free delivery within the Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah;
  4. official warranty;
  5. annual AC inspection if you sign the service contract.

Now you don’t need to waste your precious time on continuous control of the AC temperature. Just relax, breath healthy and manage your business! Get the actual price list right now by sending an inquiry on the web. Our virtual manager comes in handy if you prefer ordering online.