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AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance in Dubai

The company "GOOD AIR LLC" provides AC maintenance in Dubai. We service of all kind of air conditioners and split systems of any brands and types. We provides both ways one time ac service or annual ac service contract.

The basic list of service maintenance of air conditioning includes the following types of work:

visual inspection of the air conditioner;
diagnostics of systems and indoor/outdoor units:
checking of electronic boards;
the evaluation of monitoring and protection system of the compressor;
checking of the reliability of electrical connections;
checking of tightness of the refrigerant pipes line;
Refrigerant level measurement.
cleaning of filters;
cleaning of drainage;
cleaning of the heat exchangers;
cleaning of the inner and outer blocks;
checking of working pressure;
Refrigerant refueling.
Depending on the model of the air conditioner, the list of items for its maintenance can be expanded.



One of the most common issues we get asked to repair is when am ac unit is leaking water. The reasons for a unit leaking can be because the unit has not been serviced and drain system clogged or the condensate pump has failed. This type of ac repair is nearly always completed within the half an hour on site, making it a relatively simple repair. Call our team to arrange ac service to attend site.


freez-ac-serviceIf the air conditioner looks like it is freezing up and possibly dripping water onto the floor, then you will require our ac technician to attend site. We will check if the unit needs a deep ac cleaning, or if the refrigerant system is leaking. If the unit is dirty, then it can’t ‘breathe’ properly, and the chilled air can’t escape into the room so the unit then freezes. The same effect happens if the system has a gas leak, and the unit will eventually fail and might need replacing, so call ac maintenance company as soon as you notice the problem.


loss of performance ac serviceWhen the air conditioning unit is not performing as it once did it may be a simple result of not having the unit regularly ac service, or it could be a more serious issue such as a refrigerant leak. If the unit is dirty, having the system deep ac cleaning is often enough to resolve the problem, but more in-depth investigations are required to find a potential leak. We will quote for any additional works so you won’t receive an unexpected invoice. Call our maintenance team to arrange to attend site.


bill cost ac serviceFor a ac system to run at optimum performance, it needs to be able to breathe freely. If the air conditioner is blocked with muck and grime, then it has to work a lot harder to achieve the same amount of cooling or heating. The more blocked the air conditioner unit is, the more electricity it will draw. Having the ac unit service regularly, therefore, lowers energy consumption, lowers ac repair and maintains manufacturer’s warranty.


air-flow-ac-serviceWhen it feels like the flow of air from the ac unit is not as powerful as before it might need a simple adjustment of the fan speed on the controller, or it could be a faulty fan motor especially if it sounds noisy. If the filters on the indoor unit are dirty, or grime has attached itself to the fan blades, it will require either a general ac cleaning or possibly a deep cleaning depending on the severity of the problem. Our air conditioning maintenance team can repair ac units or service them typically the same day we are called.


odors-ac-serviceAir conditioning units produce condensate (water), and this runs inside the units and is eventually removed from the system. This condensate mixed with ever-changing temperatures can create bacteria on the coils. Having the ac service regularly with the correct chemicals not only removes these smells but makes the system more efficient.

Do you want your Air Conditioner to work more than the warranty time states? So take care of it! Order the AC maintenance services at Good Air to prolong the lifetime of your conditioning unit.

The hot Dubai climate makes air conditioners work to their limit. That is why an annual maintenance service is a must. If you don’t examine and repair your home air conditioner on schedule, it can impact:

  • electricity consumption,
  • the efficiency of the air conditioner,
  • the unit’s period of operation without breakdowns.

If you don’t want to pay for the device that isn’t work correctly, don’t forget about the AC yearly maintenance.

What does Good Air AC service include?

We provide standard maintenance work for the conditioners you bought from us as well as from other companies. We deal with all kinds of ac units: split AC maintenance, ducted split conditioner service, and package AC check. The standard technical maintenance procedure includes:

  • Cleaning of condenser unit and evaporator
  • Cleaning of HVAC air filters;
  • check if there are any loose electrical connection;
  • examine and lubricate bearings and the motor;
  • examine and clean the condensate drain;
  • check and recharge refrigerant.

These are the main procedures we make during the annual AC maintenance. Make sure your air conditioning unit is ready for the heating season – order the preventive maintenance service in Good Air.

Why do people choose Good Air?

Good Air LLC distributes, installs and maintains the air conditioners and other climate control devices designed to work in Dubai. The ACs operate at high temperature and with dust in the air. They can efficiently work for a long period of time without breakdowns in case you maintain them regularly.

We offer professional AC maintenance in Dubai. Choosing our company, you get:

  • Only professional HVAC technicians who can take care of your air conditioning system properly.
  • A reasonable AC maintenance cost which depends on the type of your system.
  • Customer support to help you deal with the AC problems.

Call us to learn the exact AC service price for your system. You can also write to our virtual consultant in the bottom-left corner of the website.

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